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Dead Body Pose: Savasana

“Stillness of the body & mind takes practice…”

Congratulations, you’ve done it, you’ve made it to the floor! You are done with the standing series and now you can rest for 2 minutes. Savasana posture is the chance for your body and mind to relax from all that hard work you just did in the Standing Series moments ago. Despite its simplicity, it can be one of the hardest posture even for the most experienced yogi, but with plenty of practice, focus and surrendering to the emptiness within yourself, this posture can be the portal to ultimate relaxation in or out of the hot room.


How To Get Into This Posture:

Lower yourself gently onto your mat, feet facing away from the teacher, lying completely flat on the ground. Feel your pelvic and tail bone meet the ground. Arch your spine a few times, and bring it flat onto the mat. Heel touching, toes apart. Breathe deeply into your belly and exhale through your nose a few times. Keep your eyes open and pick a spot on the ceiling. Concentrate on this spot and make it your best friend. This is not a time to take a nap, try to remember that this is an active posture. Try not to fidget or wipe your sweat. You’re going to sweat anyways. Let it roll off your body as its helping to cool your body temperature.

Keep your arms straight, flat and close to your body to avoid unnecessary strain. Notice the direction of your hands and palms. Are they facing up towards the ceiling or facing down towards your mat? Flip them up towards the ceiling with completely open palms. This will help you to reduce the production of your body heat and cool you down even faster. Now, turn your attention to your lower half. Check out your knees and legs. Are they bent? If they are, straighten them out and ground them into the earth beneath you. Scan your whole body and notice if there is any tension. Breathe into that tension and release it on your exhalation. Relax your abdomen, feeling your belly rise on the inhale and fall on the exhale. Release your toes, release your legs and knees. Release your hips, lower back and spine. Release your torso and upper chest. Release your shoulders away from your ears. Relax your neck and head. Inhale and take notice your tongue. Take it away from the roof of your mouth on the exhalation. Imagine you are a pool of liquid. Let you whole body melt into your mat.


Flipahtee Flop = Slipahtee Slop:

  • Don’t just flop into this posture. Remember every posture is just as much about getting into it as it is getting out of it, but especially this one. Gently lower yourself onto the ground, breathing in and out the feelings and physical effects of the whole standing series.

The Mind, Is Your Mind:

  • The Mind, is YOUR Mind. You control your thoughts, your feelings and your reactions that follow your emotions. If you have thoughts that pop up, don’t sweat the small stuff, let them rise on the inhale and release them on the exhale. Find the stillness in your mind and your body will follow.


Your Breath Is Your Best Friend:

  • Feel your bell rise on the inhale. Feel your belly fall on the exhale. Breathing in and out of your nose, to keep the body and mind calm. If your thoughts are still racing, acknowledge them, be friendly with them and don’t get down on yourself, then try to concentrate on your breath. Breathing in and out for 6 counts each.

Be Efficient With Your Time

  • Though it may be tempting to take your time getting into this posture, attempt to get into this position as efficient as possible. The sooner you get into the posture, the sooner you get to relax. J




  • We begin to learn relaxation.
  • Dead Body Pose facilitates powerful blood flow. It also helps to promote homoeostasis in and out of the hot room.
  • Creates a natural cleansing

Prepares the body for the floor series

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