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Posture of the Month #14 Wind removing pose:

How To Get Into This Posture :w3

As you lay on the floor, start by bending the right knee up, interlocking all ten fingers, getting a nice tight Bikram grip. Try to aim for a couple of inches below the knee. Pull the right knee down towards your right shoulder. Keep the left leg straight, the left calf muscle should be touching the floor. If you find that your calf muscle is lifting up off the floor, try to flex your left foot and toes towards your face. While avoiding your rib cage, pull your right knee down and towards your right shoulder. Try to keep your elbows in close, touching your body. Keep the shoulders relaxed, away from your ears and eventually touching the ground. Tuck your chin down, looking down the center of your body. If you are able, draw the knee a little bit closer to the chest and shoulder, until you begin to feel your hip joint slightly tighten, hold it there for a few breaths. Gently release your right leg and change sides to repeat on your left side.

Now bring both legs up, grabbing opposite elbows or forearms of each other, getting a nice tight grip. Relax your feet, keeping them side by side. Relax the shoulders keeping them away from your ears and tuck your chin down, eventually your whole neck will be flat on the floor and possibly your whole spine, depending on the flexibility of your skeletal system. Hold there for a few breaths then gently release your grip. Slowly bringing down your legs and arms. Opening up to Savasana. Heels touching, toes apart, palms open and up facing the ceiling.

Tips :

·        Don’t peter out now! Your Spine Still Needs Some TLC! : So this is your first move back into the floor series after you’ve had your mini recharge session. If you’re feeling alright, Don’t give up now! Remember, this is the chance for your spine to shine’n’stretch and get some tender lovin’ care in the floor series. It’s all about that spine in the floor series. Keep at it, give it your all and remember, you’re almost done!

·        Let Your Practice Be SHAME FREE . Love & Accept Your Body’s Unique Anatomy: Let’s be real here, that standing series was tough, but now you have a whole floor series ahead of you. Try to go into the floor series with the mantra of, “What feels good for me?” If you can’t get your neck flat to the floor, NO BIG DEAL. If you can’t wrap your elbows opposite of each other and you are you can only reach your forearms, NO BIG DEAL. If your opposite calf muscle needs a micro bend, NO BIG DEAL. Now, I’m not telling you to be a bum in the floor series, but to simply honor your anatomy and what your body is capable of. Every one’s body structure is unique. Know that you can also can push yourself because that’s how growth happens sometimes, but never to the point of injury.

·        Continue To Focus On YOURSELF: As tempting as it might be too look around at your fellow yogis, or think about what you have to buy at the grocery store, DON’T. If you do, no big deal, try to pick a spot on the edge of your mat and gently gaze at it. Besides nobody, and I mean nobody wants to be stared at during this stage in class.

·         Smile J:If you’re feeling tired try smiling. Smiling, releases chemicals in your brain that tell your body your feeling happiness and pleasure and soon you’ll be feeling happiness all throughout the beautiful floor series. Try this one in and out of the hot room.


Benefits : 


  • Wind-Removing Pose compresses and massages the ascending colon and descending colon.
  • It also messages the transverse colon and compresses the entire digestive system.
  • It strengthens the arms, prevents flatulence, improves hip flexibility, and firms the abdomen and thighs.
  • Great for developing the pelvic floor.
  •  Helps lower feelings of anxiety
  •  Aids in reducing insomnia

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