Carla & Gordy

Carla and I started taking yoga at the local YMCA. We had always been relatively active, light jogging, bike riding, even skiing, but I thought I’d try yoga to help my chronic lower back pain. The class was similar to the Bikram 26 & 2 but with no heat. It met once a week and because my back started to improve, we never missed a class. 2 years later while visiting our daughter in Washington D.C. we attended our first Bikram class. I have to admit I wasn’t thrilled. Sweating like mad in my t-shirt, I could only think “this is way harder than the Y”.

Back in Chicago, we were back to our old routine, once a week with a small group of yogis who were now our friends, but our exercise class was becoming a reason to go out for food and drinks afterwards.

With the reports from D.C. of how much our daughter liked the hot room, we were encouraged to give Bikram another try. The studio in the city was quite a distance from our suburban home and it was still hotter than hell but the results were noticeable. Very soon we were showing up 3 times a week and loving it. It was difficult but the little victories in each class made the heat bearable. Sometimes my balance wasn’t very good but I could nail “triangle” and most of all, my back was better!

Things snowballed from there. Bikram was something we could do as a family. Our son got involved and soon we were all comparing postures, studios and teachers. It seemed we all craved the hot room, it was becoming a lifestyle.

Carla had always been interested in the health field, being a dental hygienist for 25 years. Now her new passion for yoga soon developed into becoming a Bikram teacher with the dream of someday opening her own studio. The kids were out of school and the opportunity to take Bikram’s 9 week training course fell into place. As she grew as a teacher, the very real possibility of opening a studio in Rolling Meadows began to materialize.

Through some awesome hard work and determination, her dream of sharing this wonderful yoga with our community has become a reality. I couldn’t be more proud. So now, we both come to you, from a place of transformation and passion, and ask you to step into the hot room and see where it will take you. -Gordy Schils