In 2013 I began my yoga asana journey. At the time I was suffering from a fractured wrist, bad knees, lower back problems and hypertension. Yoga was recommended to me by my doctor as well as a personal fitness trainer. On my first visit to a hatha yoga studio I was asked what I wanted to get out of yoga. I had no idea how to respond other than it was recommended I try yoga. After 10 classes at the hatha yoga studio I had come to the conclusion either I was at the wrong studio or yoga was not for me.

A friend recommended I look for a groupon at another studio before giving up on yoga. I purchased a groupon for Bikram Yoga Rolling Meadows in July of 2013. My first class was more than a challenge. Halfway through standing series I thought to myself “what have I gotten myself into this time”. Upon the completion of the floor series I was exhausted and had sweat through everything. On my way home from the class I thought I would just finish the classes from the Groupon and end my yoga asana journey.

Well 16 months later I have become a regular student at Bikram Yoga Rolling Meadows studio. Even with my busy work schedule, I try to attend classes an average of 2 to 3 times per week. I have missed weeks here and there but, always look forward to getting back to class. After over 140 classes I have regained flexibility in my wrist as well as my entire body. I have not suffered from lower back pain or knee pain in over a year. The most amazing accomplishment was my doctor reducing my blood pressure medication in half.

The Bikram Yoga Rolling Meadows instructors are patient and extremely informative. With the help of these instructors I can actually get out of my head for 90 minutes and focus on myself. There are postures I am still not able to go deep into. However, I have learned to be patient and there is a progression to each posture. By focusing on myself, and not how well others are doing, I am able to see and appreciate the progression with my yoga practice.

Anyone looking for a great fitness program or looking to supplement your current fitness program come join us at the Bikram Yoga Rolling Meadows studio. You have nothing to lose but, so much to gain both physical and mental.