I am a beginner in Bikram Yoga Studio in Rolling Meadows. I wanted to try out Bikram Yoga to tone my body and be flexible. After just few classes I started seeing the benefits of doing Bikram Yoga. All the teachers in Rolling Meadows Bikram Yoga are very friendly and willing to encourage beginners, correct postures, and are ready to answer questions or demo a pose before or after the classes. The studio is very clean, spacious and well decorated.

I was suffering from the severe side effects of hypothyroidism. While discussing my condition with Carla and Stephanie, the wonderful instructors mentioned concentrating on neck compression during poses which help thyroid glands. All the instructors are authentic and friendly – they are amazing. Practicing Bikram Yoga at least 4 times a week has brought tremendous changes to my lifestyle. I feel energized, lost weight and toned. Overall I became aware of my body and I have become conscious about eating right to feel strong during class.

Practicing Bikram Yoga has brought a positive effect and has made me feel relaxed.

Thanks to the encouragement of the teachers and fellow yogis, I am enjoying the classes and reaping the benefits of Bikram yoga.