A Bikram Yoga class is a challenging 90 minute workout that improves flexibility, physical strength, and balance while enhancing mental clarity and focus. The practice is a sequence of 26 therapeutic postures and 2 breathing exercises performed in a heated room. The heat makes the body supple, pliable, allowing the body to achieve a new form, improves circulation, helps to eliminate toxins, and significantly reduces the risk of injury during stretching.

Beginners are welcome in every class. In time, you will learn to focus your mind and control your breath, leading you to work harder, deeper, and calmer. As you improve this relationship, you will realize the true meaning of yoga; a union of the body, mind and spirit.

The Bikram Series was tailored for the Western person and specifically for our cultural problems of job stress, overeating, bad posture, and aggressive lifestyles. Bikram is scientifically formulated and has demonstrated yoga’s ability to regenerate tissue and cure chronic ailments. With an exact technique and series of fixed postures, the class will bring health and peace to anyone.